Furcellaran can be used as stabilizing, thickening and gelling agent in the food, agricultural, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.


Furcellaran provides thermoreversible texture and is medium strong gelling polysaccharidefor applications such as bakery, confectionery, marmalade, jam, yoghurt, meat, water and milk based desserts. In confectionery industries for producing marmalade candies and sephyr, furcellaran has been used since the production in Est-Agar AS started.

Furcellaran, at time mixed with other gums, provides:

  • unique soft and shiny texture;
  • medium strong gel;
  • creaminess, smoothness, homogeneity;
  • smooth cutting edge;
  • outstanding mouthfeel;
  • superior flavor release
Application Suggested use level
Marmalade candy 2 – 2,5%
Jam 0,5 – 1,0%
Pudding 1,0 – 1,5%
Water based desserts 0,5 – 1,0%
Bakery 0,5 – 1,5%

We would like to point that above mentioned information is purely suggestable and any use should be analysed in detail first. Any use of furcellaran should be first tested to meet the conditions required by your product and your technological needs.