The workers of Estonian Laboratory of Marine Ichthyology determined that the seaweed Furcellaria lumbricalis growing in the Baltic Sea can be used to produce gelling agent – furcellaran.


The Confectionery industry “Kalev” started to work out the technology for producing furcellaran from Furcellaria lumbricalis.


The specialists of the industry set up the foundation for producing furcellaran in Saaremaa, Kärla. The preliminary output quantity 40 tons was used by the confectionery industry “Kalev”.


The construction works ended in the new part of the factory.


The period of “Kalev” ended and Est-Agar became small enterprise.


Est-Agar AS was created and all shares were bought by AS Saare Kalur.


All shares were bought by Vormsi Agar Investeeringute OÜ.

Throughout the history we have been searching, investigating and testing. Through 50 years we have worked constantly to improve the technology, renovate and update the machinery and improve the properties and quality of the product. We have consulted and cooperated with specialists and scientists from all over the world. We have worked together with Tallinn University of Technology and sent samples to different research institutes from Europe. We have gone abroad to business meetings and exhibitions to introduce the unique texturant – furcellaran!